Since coming from Colombia in 1982, Manuel Orlando, has been linked to the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Long Beach, and has dedicated his life to civil participation. After rallying a group of residents of the city of Long Beach to dedicate time and effort into solving the community difficulties of the Latin people, the Long Beach Latino Civic Association and  the Long Island for Colombiana organizations, has been born.
Aside from belonging to the organization of the First Chapter of Knights of Colombus (Spanish version) and the Association of Aids in Long Island,  Orlando was a member of the Board of Directors of Project Challenge and other activists’ agencies of Long Island.
Orlando is the current President and Chairman of the Association here of the Long Beach Latino Civic Association,  and continues to work in the JCC as the Vice President of buildings and installations.
With a passion for politics, Orlando defends the causes for minority and advocates for participation in the affairs of the state.